It's NEVER too late to join RO2!

Good Evening Fellow RO2 Enthusiasts!

As you all know, RO2 SEA Closed Beta Test had come to an end last Dec, 13, 2012.


it's never too late to join us! CBT was a lot of fun! Having tons of freebies and events daily! the x2 exp was good enough to reach 1-30 in just 2 days!

If you weren't able to join CBT do not fret! OBT is just around the corner this coming Dec. 27! but before that here is a "TO DO LIST" you should check before OBT starts!

  1. Download and Install the RO2 SEA Client i suggest you guys check out Roguard's RO2 Download Page!

  2. Research on your preferred class by checking out Roguard's Class Discussion Threads !

  3. Like our Facebook Page !

  4. Check out RO2's Official Facebook Page for announcements and events this coming OBT!

  5. Make new friends and forge new alliances in the Campfire Section of our forum!

  6. Spend Christmas with your family because we're sure you won't have time to spare when the OBT starts! ;)

Remember! It's never too late to join RO2! We hope to see you guys again soon in our Forums and on the battlefield!

Best Holiday and Gaming Wishes,
Your Roguard Team